Mangalore City in India

What is so special about Mangalore city in India? Top reasons why an international tourist must visit Mangalore is given below:

  • Green and lush Western ghats welcome to the city for those who travel from Bangalore, Mysuru or Kodagu by road. Traveling by train along western ghats gives a glimpse of the trees standing tall in most parts of Dakshina Kannada and in the neighboring state Kerala as well.
  • Mangalore is a beautiful city with a core of Tuluva culture that greets visitors with its line up of coconut trees and lots of fishing activity along the sea coast. 
  • Tuluva dishes and cuisines like Kane fry, Kori Rotti, Chicken sukka in the local hotels is enjoyable. Ideal ice cream at Pabbas, Lalbagh has some local flours in them.
  • India's first 3D planetarium at Pilikula Nisargadhma with unidirectional seating and 18 metre dome diameter. The planetarium is named after Swami Vivekananda and is situated within the premises of Dr. Shivaram Karanth Biological Park.  
  • Much of the Indian flora and fauna grows on the western ghats. In India, the rare species of some of the birds and animals were spotted in the forests along the ghats. Butterfly Park at Belvai near Moodabidri is visited by many locals everyday. 
  • Mangaluru is ranked third cleanest in India and 48th best in the world in terms of quality of living. It is located 12.917°- 52'N latitude and 74.856°- 49'E longitude. 
  • Crazy surfers and adventure seekers surf over the high seas of Mangalore city in India, often visit beaches of Panambur, Sasihithlu and Mulki.
  • Colorful dancing fountain with music and display of stunning 3D images with cultural and historical value makes the tour a memorable one.
Inland Ornate Complex opposite The Ocean Pearl Hotel near Navabharath Circle, Kodialbail, Mangalore
Inland Ornate opposite The Ocean Pearl
Mangalore in India, once called South Kanara district, is currently Dakshina Kannada or DK district in short. Mangalore is a major port in the district and for the whole Karnataka state. India depends on this port for coffee exports. Bukkapatna and Pandeshwar in Dakshina Kannada, Barkur and Basarur in Udupi district were the ports in ancient times. Mangaluru has developed itself in commercial, educational, industrial and service sectors. It is well-known as Kudla in tulu, Kodiala in konkani, Maikala in beary, Manjiloree in Arabic, Manjarun in Sanskrit, Kaudal in Urdu, Mangalore in English and Mangaluru in Kannada language. The Malayalam speaking people from the Kerala state, call it as Mangalapura. Manglore in India has beautiful scenes along the seashore and by the riverside. Hills and ghats add to the picturesque beauty. It has an urban population of 5 lakh.

Mangalore and Bangalore are not the same, but two different cities of Karnataka State. Former is the port city of Karnataka whereas the latter is the capital of Karnataka. Mangalore is located in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka whereas Bengaluru is located in Bengaluru Urban which has 5 taluks namely Bengaluru North, Bengaluru East, Bengaluru South, Yelahanka and Anekal. Mangalore is located along the westcoast whereas Bengaluru is located near the borders of Tamil nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The Mast Mangaluru Video Channel in Youtube shows the festivals celebrated in Mangalore.

Ancient culture and modern trends are the highlights of the region. Main languages spoken by the local people are Tulu, Kannada, Konkani, Beary and English except in the Bunder area where most of the people speak in Malayalam. As Mangalore city is near the Kerala state border people from the nearby state come for their routine business and studies everyday.

To travel and visit places rental vehicles are available in the city. Get the list of addresses of Car and Motorbike rentals within and outside the city.  

Dakshina kannada and Udupi districts together form the tulunadu region where most of them are tuluvas or tulu speaking. Historically it was a ship building centre and also well known for Basel Mission tiles or Mangalore tiles. Today, the old port is known as Bunder and the New Mangalore port is located at Panambur, 10km, to the north. The new port handles the coffee and cashew nut exports. As much as 75% of India's coffee export is handled by the port. 

There is a good chance for businessmen who will plan cruise ships from Kochi, Mangalore, Karwar, Mumbai, Bhavnagar and Porbandar. There are ports coming up at Rewas, Dighi, Jaigarh and Vijaydurg in Maharashtra. Only small cruise ships might work for Indians. At present, there are no cruise ships for Indians on these sea routes, in India. There is need of cruise ships for enjoyment on birthdays and other party celebrations, events and for holiday tours.

Famous Banks of Mangalore and Udupi: Canara bank (Ammembal Subbarao Pai in 1906), Karnataka bank (1924) and Vijaya bank (A.B. Shetty in 1931) were founded by Mangaloreans. Syndicate bank was founded by Dr. TMA Pai, in 1925 and Corporation bank, was founded by Khan Bahadur Haji Abdulla Haji Kasim Saheb Bahadur, in 1906 at Udupi. 

Dakshina Kannada Culture and Traditions: The Tuluvas have kept the culture and traditions alive. Tuluvas have contributed much for the culture in Tulunadu region. Tulu movies are becoming a big hit in the D.K. district and Gulf countries. Kambala - the buffalo race, Aati, Dasara, Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali, Yakshagana, Tala Maddale, Bhuta kola, Pili Vesa, Dakke bali, Gurji, and Playing Chennamane are a few examples of Tulu culture and traditions. Read in detail about the folk arts in Dakshina Kannada on the Folk arts and Rituals page. Pathrode is a colocasia leafy roll with spicy masala and Kane fish fry are very popular in D.K. region. Read More about the celebrated festivities on the Festivals and celebrations page.

Distance from Bangalore: The distance from capital city Bangalore to Mangalore is 365km by road i.e. nearly 7-8 hours of journey by bus. Western ghats has the greenery covered and the Netravati river flow on the Shirady hills makes a beautiful scene. It is an attraction visible while traveling between Sakleshpur and Uppinangady town. By train the distance is 485km and takes 12 hours to reach the destination via Mysuru. But the other train that travels a distance of 352km via Hassan takes only 9 hours to reach Bengaluru.

Travel guide: Detailed information on visiting places in Mangalore acts like a travel guide to the international tourists and locals who are in search of new weekend getaways.

Beaches in Mangalore: The city lies on the west coast of Karnataka state and has six popular beaches - Someshwar or Ullal beach, Tannirbavi, Panambur, Sasihithlu or Mukka beach and Surathkal beach. Tannirbavi is the nearest to the city. It is just on the other side of Sultan Bathery. Beach has all the facilities for enjoyment like surfing and horse riding. Read in detail more story on the famous beaches of the city

Beach Resort in Mangalore: Summer Sands Resort at Ullal, Samudra Darshan Resort in Surathkal, Akuna Matata Resort at Uchila near Udupi, Caribean Beach Resort at Chitrapur near Mulki are the resorts in Mangaluru. For more details on best beaches and resorts read Seaside stays.

Agriculture: Paddy is grown as a major food crop in Dakshina Kannada. Production of paddy is nearly 50000 tonnes. 950 tonnes of pulses and 1700 tonnes of sugarcane are grown every year. Jackfruit, Pineapple, Mango and Banana are the fruits that are grown which count to nearly 40,000 tonnes. Green Chilli – 1350 tonnes, variety of Gourds – 6050 tonnes and Sweet Potato – 1200 tonnes are the vegetables grown. The region is well known for Coconut plantation – 360 lakh nuts, Arecanut – 2100 tonnes, and Cashew nuts – 3000 tonnes.

Every year cruise ships are called in at Mangaluru port after they visit Kochi city in Kerala. Luxury Cruise ships - m.v. AIDAaura, m.v. Seabourn Pride, m.v. Albatros, m.v. Brilliance of the seas, m.v. Amsterdam, Seven seas voyager, AIDAdiva, Silver wind, m.v. Minerva, m.v. Nautica are called at the port. The beautiful port city has attracted many visitors making it as a very hot tourist spot. Tourism activities are encouraged within and outside the city. Mangalore map gives an insight in to the list of places for tourists.

Mangalore, India map with much needed details for visitors is shown below:

View Larger Mangalore Map
Mangalore City: Coastal city of Mangalore was one of the port towns in India where trade was in full swing even before the British colonial rule. The name of the city Mangaluru originated from the goddess named Mangaladevi whose temple is located at Bolar.

Mangalore Map: Mangalore city map with all the details of places is given above. It is the tourist map too for the visitors who go exploring places in and around the city. Google Map displays almost all the places that a tourist goes exploring.

Mangalore city population as of 2017 is 680,740. Mangalore district in itself is not a district but a big city. Dakshina Kannada (DK) is the actual district. Mangalore in India is widely popular for its colleges and universities. So it is well known as an educational hub. Tourism is fast picking up as Surfing and other beach activities are becoming favorite during weekends and holidays, both for locals and tourists. Pilikula Nisargadhama, Savira Kambada Basadi of Moodbidri, Mangalore Dasara or the Vijayadashami procession of Gokarnanatha Kshetra, Yakshagana, Sea food and cuisines have all contributed to tourism in Mangalore. 

Mangalore in History: The existence of Mangaluru town was mentioned in history by Greek geographers Pliny and Ptolemy of Circa during the 1st century A.D. Mangaluru was then the capital town of Alupas who were feudatory rulers in the 7th and 8th century A.D. They named their kingdom as Tulunadu and the rulers gave feudal tributes to Chalukyas of the Badami. It has been mentioned in Sangam works and Tulu vishaya in the ancient inscriptions.

Reverend Manner, a German Missionary published first Tulu dictionary in Tulu, in the year 1886. But the efforts of Reverend G. Kammerer who died in 1858 cannot be forgotten. He had compiled 2000 vocabulary words before his death.

Once more Kulashekara Alupendra who ruled between 1160 -1220 A.D. had made the town as his capital. Ballala III of the Hoysalas who reigned the region between 1290 – 1342 had controlled it from 1333 A.D. It came under the long lasting rule of Vijayanagara emperors from 1345 A.D.

Queen Abbakka was a brave woman who fought against the Portuguese. She ruled Ullal for 5 decades since 1530.  She was a follower of Jainism.  She won the battle against Portuguese 3 times.  She was helped by the local Mogaveeras (fishermen) and Muslims during her battle.  Finally, she was captured by the Portuguese and sent to jail just because of her husband who disclosed her whereabouts to the enemies.  Ultimately, she died while fighting against the enemies.

In the year 1526 A.D. Mangalore was taken over by Portuguese. Later they signed treaties to bring up a factory at Mangaluru in 1670 A.D. Nayakas of Bidanur took over Mangaluru from Portuguese in the 18th century. Tipu Sultan’s father Haider Ali built a dockyard for the coastal town in 1763. He controlled the region until the takeover by British in 1768.  It came under Tipu once again in 1794. It was during his rule that a watch tower Sultan Bathery was constructed. It stopped the entry of enemy ships to Gurupur river that joins the Arabian sea nearby. Batheri still has those musket holes for mounting guns from within the miniature fortress like structure. After the death of Tipu in the battle at Srirangapatna the British took control of the place.

Abbakka Utsava(festival) is celebrated in her name every year, at Ullal.  Queen Abbakka festival is financially supported by the government.  Health minister UT Khader is the president of the committee.

Best Shopping Places in Mangaluru:

City Centre Mall on K.S.Rao Road: One of the biggest Shopping Malls, City Cantre Mall is located in the heart of the city, K.S.Rao Raod. Cinepolis multiplex movie theatre, Pizza Hut on 4th floor, Savoury restaurant in basement, KFC in the ground floor, Mc Donald's on the road side, international brands, Major indian brands, Ice-skating rink at ice and skate, on 3rd floor, Super strike for bowling game and Fun city for kids on 3rd floor, Food Court on 4th floor, Spar Hypermarket on 5th floor are the main highlights of the City Centre. A good place for entertainment everyday, within the city. In the list of Mangalore Malls, City Centre is the best mall to visit.

The Forum Fiza Mall: The Forum Fiza Mall is located on Pandeshwar Road, just a kilometre away from Central Railway Station. Fiza Mall is a great place for entertainment during weekends. A Shopping Mall that satisfies day to day needs of customers. PVR Cinemas is the multiplex for movie lovers. Domino's Pizza in the ground floor, Chicking, Hangyo Dessert Bar on 3rd floor, Spar Hypermarket in ground floor, international brands like Reebok, Adidas, big Indian brands like Bata, Relaince, Pantaloons have lined up in the mall.

Big Bazaar at Bharath Mall, located opposite KSRTC Bus Station in Bejai. BIG Cinemas Cineplex is always full during weekends. The Wednesday Food Bazaar Offer for FMCG products, fruits and vegetables is a great success. People flock to buy them on discounts, every week. Food Bazaar in basement, Pizza Hut, Cafe Coffee Day, Reebok, Adidas, Seesha in ground floor, Indigo Nation, Pantaloons, Provogue, Levis, Classic polo, Electronic & furniture Bazaar, Planet Fashion, Metro Shoes, MSD Siyarams, Crocodile, Planet Sports, Swaroski, Pen city, Depot in 1st floor. Jockey, Peter England, Planet M, VIP luggage, Levis, Book Mark, Signature, Flying Machine, Baskin Robins in 2nd floor. Subway, My Dollar Store, Sangeetha, Fancy Hut, Kyra (Branded Jewelry), Siya (Sarees & ethnic wear), Romantic, Tatoo, Satro Vision in 3rd floor. Galaxy gaming Zone and Time Out Food Court on 4th floor. 

Other Mangalore Malls: There are more malls to visit. One on M.G. Road is the Empire Mall. Excel Mischief Mall is on K.S. Rao Road, Lotus Mall in Kulshekar, Mak Mall in Kankanady, Pio Mall on Bejai-Bunts Hostel Road is not known to many.

Tourist destinations: Tourist destinations nearby Mangalore includes Kateel Durga Parameshwari temple, Pilikula, Polali Rajarajeshwari temple, Udupi, Malpe, Karkala and Moodabidri city which is at a distance of 32km. Time taken to reach Moodabidri is just 45 minutes. The attractions at Moodabidri are Kodyadka Annapoorneshwari temple, thousand pillared Jain basadi and Soans farm nearby. Moodabidri city details are given in Moodabidri page. Karkala has a tall black monolith Gomateshwara. Udupi has Udupi Krishna Mutt, Malpe beach and St. Marys Island. For more details read Places to Visit.

Food and Stay: There are some best hotels in the city that provide good hospitality to the visitors. The Ocean Pearl located at Navabharath circle in Kodialbail, The Taj Gateway Hotel near State Bank, Moti Mahal at Falnir, Deepa Comforts on M.G. Road are some of the best hotels to stay. Best vegetarian restaurants in the city are Janatha Deluxe on K. S. Rao Road and other one near TMA Pai Convention Centre, Sagar Ratna within The Ocean Pearl hotel itself and New Taj Mahal Cafe at Kodialbail.

Mangalore Tourism: Tourism is encouraged by the government and has promoted boating, parasailing, water scooters and surfing activities on the beaches. Food is provided free of cost to the tourists at Udupi Krishna Mutt, Kodyadka Annapoorneshwari temple, Kateel Durgaparameshwari temple, Kukke Subramanya temple, Dharmasthala Manjunatha temple and Kollur Mookambika temple.

Points of Interest: Temples, churches, Mangalore port, light house, beaches, shopping centres, restaurants and food stuff are the points of interest. Highlights, Facts and figures related to the Mangaluru city are given in detail in the Interesting Facts. Each and every interesting fact related to the city is explained, so as to get a clear picture of the city..

FAQs: 1. Which is the best time to visit Mangaluru?
Best time to visit Mangaluru is between the month of October to March. Best month is December because it will be neither hot nor cold weather. Cold weather is between December and February. April-May are the hottest and tourists will have to take lot of water whenever they travel places.

2. Which are the best tourist spots or sightseeing places in Mangaluru?
Best places to visit are Kudroli Gokarnatha temple, St. Aloysius Chapel on Light House Hill Road, Pilikula and Panambur beach,

3. Which is the tallest building in Mangaluru?
Planet SKS near Karnataka Polytechnic on Kadri Hills is the tallest building ever constructed in Manglauru. It has 36 floors and height is 132 meters.

The Adyar falls is the waterfalls located along the B.C. Road-Bantwal Highway is a good place to enjoy during weekends for the locals. Mangalore city in India which is along the west coast is busy with the people who visit Goa during summer in January and at the time of Navratri in October. As one of the seaports and international airports of India, the city has attracted lot of attention to sea trade shipping and cargo shipping. With the involvement of seaplanes in the coming months of 2018, the city has a great potential for tourism in the near future.

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