Fairs Exhibitions and Cultural Events

Fairs, Exhibitions and Cultural events are part of Mangaluru city in Dakshina Kannada district. The smart city has included many trade fairs and exhibitions to upgrade the life of locals.
Karavali Utsava Fair and Exhibition at Mangalore 
Kadri Park Flower and Fruit Exhibition takes place every year at the time of Republic Day on January 25th. There will huge display of various plants, fruits and vegetable variety and other farm produces.

Karavali Utsava or Exhibition of the coastal city is held near Mangala Stadium, which is on the way to Ladyhill from Lalbagh. The Karavali Utsav is well-known for its Exhibitions held every year during Summer season. Lot of stalls display the daily usage items. On the inaugural day, festive like celebrations and procession takes place. the day1 is filled up with cultural programs.

Asia Wedding Fair is held for 3 days at TMA Pai Convention Centre on M.G. Road every year. It displays the most recent designs of precious jewellery, famous Kanchipuram pure silk sarees, wedding dresses and accessories.

Smart Property Utsav is a property expo event organized for 2 days at TMA Pai Convention Centre on M.G. Road every year. Builders from Hyderabad, Mangalore, Bangaluru and Kerala are invited. Property buying is encouraged at this very platform.

ISKCON celebrates Sri Krishna Janmashtami every year at TMA Pai Convention Centre on M.G. Road. Children participate in various cultural activities and competitions that are related to Lors Krishna.

Kadri Rathotsava or Jathra takes place in the month of January every year. It is a fair and cultural festival grandly celebrated by local Hindus.
Flower and Fruit Exhibition

Mosaru Kudike is a cultural event that takes place annually in Mangaluru. It comes on the next day of Srikrishna Janmashtami. In North India it is called Dahi Handi. But Mangalore Mosaru Kudike has a different look as groups of earthern pots are hung at great height and men are challenged to break them. It is followed by procession of local cultural tableaux and deity of any temple nearby.

Mangaluru Teru or Kodial Teru is the car festival that takes place at car street every year. Lord Veera Venkatramana, the deity is worshipped and seated on the huge car specially built for the event. The car is dragged by devotees in the night. The fair has thousands of people to witness the festival and the feast. Children and elders buy all sorts of eatables, display things and enjoy the Okuli on the next day.

Deepotsava or Gurji is the fair during which deity comes in a procession to a particular area where the Gurji is built. After worship of the god colorful crackers light the sky.

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