Fishing Industry

Fishing boats at Bunder, Mangalore
Fishing Boats near Bunder at Mangaluru
Fishing was one of the main occupations of the Mangalore people since time unknown. Mogaveeras, the major fishing community of coastal Karnataka are active in the fishing industry of Dakshina Kannada. The technological developments have also hit the fishing industry. There are cold storage facilities to store variety of fish for a longer time. Fishing trawler, speed boats, Purse Seine boats are seen all along the coast. Boats travel deep into the Arabian Sea and along the long coastal line for a valuable catch. Fishermen will be out in the sea for many days. Every year, The fishing season begins by early September and ends in May or sometimes earlier.

Your Favorite Sea Food Hotels and Shops to buy fish are listed below

Sea food is common and highly available in all non-vegetarian restaurants in the region. Sardine(Boothai), Bangude(Mackerel), Kane(Ladyfish), Kappe Bondas(Cuttlefish), Anjal(Seer fish), Manji(Pomfret), Bolenjir(Silver fish), Mugudu(Catfish) and Thede(Big Catfish), Paiya(Silver Biddy), Koddai(Croaker fish), Mala(Mullet), Kurchi(Pony fish), Madimal(Pink Perch), Nang(Sole fish), Prawns, Crabs etc. are some of the popular fish variety available in the market. Mangalore has developed as one of the fishing towns along west coast and it has been maintained to this day, with the local consumption of fish increasing day by day.

Karnataka Purse Seine Fishermen's Association and Trawl Boat Fishermen's Association are the associations linked with fishing and the fishermen in the region.

Useful Information for Fishing Boat buyers is given at the bottom of the page.

The fishing industry employs large no. of people, and their products like fish oil, fish soluble, fish meal, steam dried fish meal, flame dried fish meal, tiny shrimps meal, Sardine fish oil, refined fish oil, crude fish oil, marine foods, shrimps, squid, fishes and frozen foods are exported from around the region. Sardines and Mackerels are the main raw materials used for the manufacturing fish oil and fishmeal. Excellent quality fish with high oil content makes these species a perfect one for the purpose. Bunder, the old Mangalore port is now mostly used for fishing activities. Dhakke is the place in old port where fish is sold in wholesale. The local boat building and fishing industry has turnovers in crores of rupees. Not only in Mangaluru, but Malpe in Udupi district and Karwar in Uttara Kannada too are very active in fishing.

Dean (Fisheries), College of Fisheries at Kankanady, Mangalore was established in 1969. It is a leading fisheries education and research institute in Dakshina Kannada. It comes under the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. It is part of the recently established Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University of Bidar. The College offers degree education - B.F. Sc, M. F. Sc and Ph. D in Fisheries Sciences.  Both M. F. Sc. and Ph. D programs have developed more branches such as Aquaculture, Fish Processing Technology, Fishery Microbiology, Fisheries Resources and Management, Fisheries Environment and Ecology. 

The Technology Wing of Fisheries College is at Hoige Bazar, Pandeshwar at the end point of the river Netravathi which is nearer to Arabian Sea. Fish Processing technology and Fisheries Engineering department exist in the wing.

The degree from College of Fisheries at Mangalore is enough to make it big in the multifarious $100 billion global fishing industry which is growing at 8 percent annually. Not only in the 3 major areas of fishing such as the marine, inland and brackish, the freshers have good opportunities in banks too, as the fisheries officers and get a chance to work with processing, export and aqua-farming industries.

Fisheries College Contact Tel: +91 824 2248936, 2249256/57/58/59.

Fisherman's friend FFMA Mobile App : It is an app available at Google play store, with all regional languages which are spoken along the coastal line of India. Fishing related all the details are available in this app. ICAR-CMFRI, Mangalore Research Centre has named it as PAN India Fisher Friend or FFMA. The App was launched at Malpe Fishing Harbour in Udupi. It has been developed by latest technology and it provides easy access to all relevant info and knowledge on fishing. The small craft fishers can take advantage of this new tech. The App provides good info on potential fishing zones, disaster alerts, ocean state, weather forecasts, International Maritime Border Line, GPS, danger zone alerts, market realities, emergency contact numbers etc. Much needed shore-to-shore dynamic information is received from time to time. Needful knowledge to small craft resource poor fishermen that helps them to survive amidst losses, failures and death in their everyday life.

Fishing spots in and around Mangaluru:

Lot of fishing spots exist in Mangaluru and Moodabidri region. January to March is the best time for fishing in the rivers. Water goes stagnant after the monsoon rains between June and September. Gurupur and Netravathi rivers have a few good fish that attracts the locals. Lady fish, Crabs, Cat fish, Payye and Mala (in tulu language) are some of the fishes available near Kulur. A few locals sit near the Bunder dock and use fishing rods to catch fish. River fish is rare and very tasty to eat. One such famous fishing spot is Tannirbavi beach. At Tannirbavi beach, Yojaka India Pvt. Ltd. has two fishing boats which was introduced by the government. Fishing rods and other equipment are also be provided for the locals who are interested to go fishing in the seas.

There is a dedicated Facebook page for fishing lovers known as Mangalore Anglers Club. Mangalore Anglers Club is an Association of so called “The league of gentleman anglers” residing at Mangaluru, Dakshina Kannada district with an intention of encouraging “Sport Fishing” activity. One reason for the activity is pointing out the fishing spots by Anglers Club. There is a great care for the fast depleting stock of sport fishes, while actively participating by the angler community. Other reason is protecting the environment of water bodies where these fishes reside.

Aquarium Fish for homes and Offices:
  • Harvey Aquarium and Nursery, Gundu Rao Lane, Mannagudda, Mlr - 3. Tel: +91 2457644.
  • Blue Waters, Pinto Chambers, Bejai-Kapikad Road, Near Baliga Super Market, Bejai, Mlr - 4. Tel: +91 99804 33285.
  • Fins N Tails, Vaishnavi Apartment Building, New Field Street, Dongerkery, Mlr - 3. Tel: +91 824 2493881.
  • Aqua Land Bird and Fish, Al-Rahaba Plaza, Behind State Bank, Nellikai Road, Mlr -1. Tel: +91 2412144.
Visitors to the city of Mangaluru, often are overwhelmed with the seafood served in the hotels and restaurants. Sometimes they feel it to be very expensive to eat in hotels especially when they are staying at serviced apartments. They will be asking the locals as to where they should buy the fresh fish in Mangaluru. 

Try or taste the seafood and other local dishes such as Kane rava fry, Anjal masala fry and Manji masala fry, visit the hotels in these localities:
  • Coconut Grove, Kumar's International, Bendoor Main Road, Mlr-2. Tel: +91 824 2225871. It is the top hotel in the city for seafood.
  • Amantran Restaurant, N G Road, Attavar, Mlr-1. It is near the Income Tax Office. Tel: +91 824 2421208. Mobile: 95914 89389. It is another good hotel for fish eating.
  • Maharaja Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, 14-1-81-20, Trade Centre, 1st Floor, Near Jyothi Theater, Balmatta, Mlr-1. Tel: +91 824 2441726
  • Gajalee Circuit House Compound, Kadri Hills, Mlr-4. Tel.: +91 824 2221900, 2222900.
  • Palkhi fine dine restaurant, 3rd floor, Tej towers, Near KMC, Jyothi Circle, Balmatta road, Mlr-1. Mobile: 98800 23413 Tel: +91 824 2444929, 2441553
  • Narayana Hotel, Old port Road, Azizuddin Road, Bunder, Mlr-1. Tel: +91 824 2440891. Mobile No. 94482 55025. It is very famous for the tasty Mangalore style fish fry, fish curry and rice.
  • Kings Court, near highway, Kottara Chowki, Mlr- 6.
  • Madhuvan Village, 2-63/1, Bajpe Airport Road, Yeyyadi, Mlr-8. Tel: +91 824 2214158, 2494038.
  • Anupama restaurant cum bar, Abhiman Residency, near Bunts hostel circle, Kadri road, Mlr-3. Tel: +91 824 2443449
  • Goldfinch hotel, Bunts Hostel Road, Near Jyothi Circle, Mlr-3. Tel: +91 824 4245678. 
  • Giri Manja’s hotel, Near Kalikamba Temple, Gopalkrishna Temple Road, Mlr -1. Owner name is Manjunath Pai. Tastiest food and famous for fish fry. It is located very near to the lower Car Street. Tel: 99000 00080.
  • Machali, Behind Ocean Pearl, Sharada Vidyalaya Road, Mlr-3. Tel: +91 824 2496605
  • Fish Wish, Food Court, 4th floor, City Centre Mall, K S Rao Road, Mlr-1.
  • Meenu Ootada Mane, Opp. P.V.S. Kalakunja Hall, Kodialbail, Mlr-3. Mobile: 99861 86565, 99161 16107.
  • Fish Garage, Opposite Wines and Spirits, Kulur Ferry Road, Chilimbi, Urwa, Mlr-6. Mobile: 90364 47417, 96324 47417.
  • Mamamaas, Opp. Mangalore City Corporation Building, M.G. Road, Lalbagh, Mlr-3. Mobile: 98867 96747,  97404 37966
To Buy Fish there are both premium outlets as well as big fish market near Nehru Maidan or to the right side of the State Bank.

Premium fish retail outlet
  • Spar, Hypermarket, 6th floor, City Centre mall, K S Rao Road, Mlr-1.
  • Fish Mongers, K M C Mercara Trunk Road, Kadri, Mlr-2, Tel: +91 824 2222456.
  • Fish Mongers, Sarva Mangala Building, Opp. Valencia Park, Valencia Circle, Mlr-2. Tel: +91 824 2222456.
  • The Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation's (KFDC) outlet, Krishna Towers, Chilimbi, Mlr-6. Tel: +91 824 3258299.
  • Kaveri Fresh Fins, Bhagavathinagar, 2nd Main Road, Opp: Ambika Residency, Kodialguthu West, Mlr-3. Tel: +91 99861 37317. Timings: 8 A.M.- 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. - 7 P.M.
  • Rajs Fresh Fish, Deepa Arcade, Bejai Kapikad Road, Bejai, Mlr - 4. Tel: +91 824 4276638, 78997 08638, 89715 43252.
  • Best Fish, Opposite Wheel Works, Main Road, Urwa Chilimbi, Mlr - 6. Tel: +91 73489 92616, 99867 74616.
  • Fish Bazar, Anz Enclave Building, Bejai Church Road, Bejai, Below More super market, Mlr - 4. Tel: +91 824 4255506, 98448 87018.
  • Karavali Fresh Fish Sales Centre: Inland Monarch, Kadri Road, Near C.V. Nayak Hall, Kadri, Mlr - 2. Tel: +91 824 2424488.
Fish Markets within and around Mangaluru: In the city area, fish market is opposite to State Bank bus stop near Town Hall, Jeppu fish market, Kadri fish market, Urwa fish market, Kudroli fish Market near Alake, Bejai fish and meat market opposite Bejai Church, markets at Kulur and Kavoor junction, fish market at Thokkottu, fish market on University road at Deralakatte. market at Baikampady bus stop, Dry fish is available at central market on Nehru maidan cross road. Dhakke at New South Wharf, Bunder is for wholesale fish buying.

For Fishing Boat Buyers: Those planning to buy a new boat or replacing the old ones can directly go to Sultan Bathery where Karthikeya Boat Builders has started building the steel boats. They have already started supplying them to their customers. Demand for steel boats is rising, as it moves faster on water. Only wooden boat building entrepreneurs are in Mangalore. The newly started Karthikeya Boat Builders have done a good job in this sector.

Previously, steel trawl boats were built at either in Kochi or Goa. Now it is good news for boat buyers within and around the city as steel boats have started rolling out of Mangalore too. As of now, a few boats have already rolled out of Sultan Bathery yard. Boats built by Karthikeya can achieve a speed of 10 nautical miles an hour. Thukaram Bangera’s Karthikeya offers trawl boats in 2 different sizes - 65 x18 ft. and the other one, smaller is just 50 x16 ft. The larger boat costs 30 lakh and smaller ones 25 lakh rupees each.

Yojaka Marine Pvt. Ltd., owner of 18  different types of boats, has bought the boats from Karthikeya Boat Builders. The Managing director of Yojaka is satisfied with the quality. 200 HP motors have been fitted on the boats. These boats run at a speed of 10 nautical miles per hour as against the 8-9 nautical miles per hour. No trawl boat in Mangalore are built with such a powerful motor.

The Steel Boat manufacturer in India - Karthikeya Boat Builders Address: Sultan Bathery, Boloor, Mlr - 6.

Mangalore has some of the best boat building facilities and provides marine related services in the region like the Mahasagar boat builders. The boats are built in wood, steel or and fibre glass as per requirement. Work boats, utility boats, Bristol pilot cutter, dhows, fibreglass canoes, stitched canoes, launch, supply or tug boats, Twin-Screw Wooden Hull Tugs, FRP Kattumarans, wooden outrigger trawlers, motor sail boats, sail ships, house boats, speed boats, boats in steel, and njord.

Mahasagar Boats Address:  1A Sturrock apartments, Sturrock road, Mlr-1, India.
Tel: +91 824 2429375.

H. Shanker Nayak Boat Builders Address:  South Wharf Road, Bunder, Mlr-1, India.
Tel: +91 824 242 0940.

Fumzas is a boat builder company in Mangalore that produces speed boats, tourist boats, pleasure boats, sports and adventure boats, fishing boats, working boats. Known for their technological excellence, they have experience of building over 2000 boats. They are professional manufacturers of inflatable boats with PVC and Hypalon fabric material. They are famous for building I.R.S. approved tourist boats. They build modernized models of boats with inboard engine having single cylinder - Kirloskar or Comet, run by diesel which are most fuel efficient and operate at minimal running cost.

Fumzas Mangalore Address: Hoige Bazar, Mlr- 1
Tel: +91 824 242 2347. Mobile: +91 98451 01240 / 92433 06241.

Note: Please check with other boat buyers, how good these boat builders are, before you buy their boats.
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