Malls and Conference Halls

Commercial complex, malls, convention centers and marriage halls are plenty in the city. City Centre mall on K S Rao road and Bharath mall near KSRTC bus stand have multiplexes for luxury movie watching. All international brands have their shops at these huge malls.

Saibeen Complex at Lalbagh
Saibeen Complex at Lalbagh Junction
Empire mall-Mangalore
Empire Mall on M G Road
Inland Ornate near Navabharath circle
Inland Ornate near Navabharath circle
Ram Bhavan Complex at Kodialbail
Mischief Mega Mall K. S. Rao Road
Mischief Mega Mall on K. S. Rao Road
City Center Mall-Mangalore
City Center Mall on K. S. Rao Road
Big Bazar at Bejai
Bharath Mall at Bejai
TMA Pai Convention Centre Ballalbagh
T M A Pai Convention Centre
Milagres Hall Complex Falnir Road
 Milagres Hall Complex
T V Raman Pai Hall Kodilabail
T V Raman Pai Hall
P V S Kala Kunj kodialbail
P V S Kala Kunj

Sanghanikethan Prathapnagar
Devadiga Samaj Bhavan at Mannagudda
Devadiga Samaj Bhavan
C V Nayak Hall Kadri road Bunts hostel
C V Nayak Hall

Urwa Church Centenary hall
Urwa Church Centenary Hall

Addresses of Commercial Complex - Malls - Convention Centers - Marriage Halls:

Saibeen Complex, Lalbagh, Mlr-4
Tel: 0824 245 7442

Empire Mall, M G road, Mlr-3
Tel: 0824 242 0505, 0824 527 7011

Inland Ornate, near Navabharath circle, Kodialbail, Mlr-3
Tel:0824 249 2180

Ram Bhavan Complex, Kodialbail, Mlr-3
Tel: 0824 244 0967

Mischief Mega Mall, K. S. Rao road, Mlr-1
Tel: 0824 426 0111

City Center Mall, K. S. Rao road, Mlr-1
Tel:  0824 425 7081

Bharath Mall, Opp. KSRTC Bus Stand, Bejai, Mlr-4
Tel: 0824 427 9330

TMA Pai Convention Centre, M G road, Mlr-3
Tel: 0824 249 7972

Milagres Hall Complex, Falnir road, Hampankatta, Mlr-1
Tel: 0824 2423522

T V Raman Pai Convention Centre, Navbharath circle, Kodilabail, Mlr-3
Tel: 0824 249 4747

P V S Kalakunj, Near Besant College, Kodialbail, Mlr-3
Tel: 0824 249 3761

Sanghaniketan, Prathapnagar, Mannagudda, Gandhinagar, Mlr-3
Tel:  0824 245 6447

Devadiga Samaj Bhavan, Mannagudda, Mlr-3
Tel: 0824 245 7986

C V Nayak hall, near Bunts Hostel circle, Kadri road, Mlr-3
Tel: 0824 249 5717, 94835 03360

Urwa Church centenary hall, Ladyhill, Urwa, Mlr-6
Tel: 0824 245 7682.

Supermarkets for shopping in the city :

Supermarkets in the city are plenty for buying groceries & other household items.

Ganesh Bazaar on Ganapathy High School Road.
Janatha Bazaar on Ganapathy High School Road.
Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar at Bharath Mall, Bejai.
Nilgiris 1905 - Empire Mall, M.G. Road.
                      - Mohtisham Enterprises, K.S. Rao Road.
                      - Mohtisham Enterprises, Kankanady Bypass Road.
                      - Taj enterprises, Hajjaj Commercial Complex, Deralakatte.
Jimmy’s Supermarket is at City Gate building, Kadri-Nanthoor Road, Kadri and on Falnir Road.
Baliga's Supermarket near KSRTC bus station, Bejai.
Joofris Super Bazar at Saibeen Complex, Lalbagh.
More Supermarket  of Aditya Birla is at Alake, Bejai, Bendoorwell, Chilimbi, Deralakatte, Falnir, Kadri road, Pandeshwar, Valencia.
Easy Day at Attavar on Nandigudda Road.
Auchan Hypermarket at City Center mall on K.S. Rao Road.
V Hypermart at Mischief mall on K.S. Rao Road.

FAQs: 1. Which are the best Malls for shopping at Mangaluru?
City Centre Mall and Forum Fiza Mall on K.S. Rao Road for shopping at big brands and enjoying food stuff like Pizza or Burger. Bharath Mall near KSRTC Bus Station located at Bejai is the other Mall for buying stuff, but it is not a very big mall. All the 3 malls have multiplexes for watching the latest movies. Sasihithlu beach, Someshwar beach and temple are 10-15km from Mangalore.

2. Where is the Central Market to buy vegetables?
It is located near Nehru Maidan. A road near Lady Goschen Hospital goes towards Carstreet. Just after entering this road, at the junction the Central Market building is visible.

3. Which is the best place to buy vegetables?
Central Market near Nehru Maidan, More Supermarket opposite Ullal Nursing Home at Alake, Auchan Hypermarket on 5th floor at City Centre Mall on K.S.Rao Road, Bejai Market opposite Bejai Church, Big Bazar near KSRTC Bus Station at Bejai, Urwa Market located at Urwa which is within a kilometer from Lady Hill Circle, More Supermarket at Chilimbi, Urwa Stores just before Kottara has a market, Some fruits and vegetables are available in Flower Market located in Car Street.

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