Moodabidri City

Moodabidri is known as Bedra in Tulu speaking towns of Dakshina Kannada district. It is located very near to Mangalore. It is popularly known as Moodabidre in Kannada, the state language. Other name for Moodabidri is Jain Kashi or Mecca of the Jains. There are many ancient Basadis in and around Moodabidri. Soans Farm, Jain temples, Kodyadka Annapoorneshwari Temple at Puttige village, Butterfly Park at Belvai, Chowta's palace, Saavira Kambada Basadi are the places to visit at Moodabidri.

Moodabidri City

In a limited area, there are 30 colleges including 3 engineering colleges and a medical college. It is not only Mecca for Jains but also a Mecca for education.  It is one of the fast growing cities in Dakshina Kannada district. The road distance between Mangalore and Moodabidri is 34 km and takes just 45 minutes to travel by car or bus. It is the sub-urban city near Mangalore. Moodbidri Pin code or postal code is 574 227. It attracts lot of visitors as a pilgrim centre for Jains.  Due to the establishment of many educational institutions, foreign and Indian students study in the small town.  More than 25,000 students are residing in the town to build up their future.
Moodabidri zone consists of Paladka, Beluvai, Puttige, Kallamundkur, Hosabettu, Shirthady, Nellikaru, Daregudde, padumarnadu and thenkamiujar town panchayat area limits.  Puttige and shirathady come under the district panchayath area limits. Town municipal council exists at Moodabidri. Moodabidri city development authority has been formed.  The authority has provided a model solid waste management unit at Karinje.  One and half decade back Alva’s education foundation was established; right from the primary stages of engineering to medical and paramedical education institutions.  These institutions have directed Moodabidri towards growth and development.  Commercial complexes, banks, hotels etc have accelerated the growth of business.  Businessmen have interested a lot by seeing the pace of growth.  All this has resulted in hike of land value.  More than 60 multi-storeyed complexes and layouts have been constructed.  Layouts, lodges have expanded to nearby places of Beluvais, Puthige and Hosabettu areas.

Moodabidri Map
Moodabidri Map - Courtesy: Google Map
Major pilgrim center: Thousand pillared basadi has attracted Indian and foreign visitors because of its structural beauty.  15 basadis, 18 water ponds and 18 temples along with Gurubasadi is the spciality of the place. Anjaneya temple, Gowri temple, Venkatramana temple, Gurumutt, Kalikamba temple, Alangar Aiya Jagadguru Mutt, Alangar Mahalingeshwar temple, Kodyadka Annapurneshwari temple, Kotebagilu Veera Maruthi temple, Puthige Mahatobhara Somantheshwara temple, Daregudde Shambulingeshwara temple, Marigudi temple at Moodabidiri, garodies worshipped by billavas, major place of offering prayers by muslims – Juma Mmasjid and one of the major church for chistians - Corpus Christi Church are centres of religious importance.

Moodabidri Hotels:

Hotel Pancharathna International, SH-66, Near Bus Stand, 
Moodabidri (DK) - 574 227, Tel: *082582 38152.

Hotel Ballal Tourist, Solapur - Mangaluru Highway, 
Moodabidri (DK) - 574 227, Tel: *094484 83977.

Pandit's Health Resort & Spa, Alangar, 
Moodabidri (DK) - 574 227, Tel: *099017 37491.

Nishmitha Towers Hotel, Nishmitha Towers, Near Bus Stand, 
Moodabidri (DK) - 574 227, Tel: *082582 36395.

Golden Residency Hotel, Alangar, Padumarnadu, 
Moodabidri (DK) - 574 227, Tel: *082582 38846. 

(*while making telephone calls, remember to use +91 in place of 0 for international calls i.e. +91 8252 as STD code or phone code for Moodbidri).

Moodbidri to Mangalore distance is 34Km. Moodbidri to Kateel distance is 22Km.

Education Centres: Alva’s Education Foundation, Alva’s Engineering college, Alva’s Ayurvedic medical  College, M V Shetty Technical Education Institute, Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering (MITE), Mahaveer College, Jain Pre-University College, Dhaval College, MNM Polytechnic, A G Soans ITI, SKF ITI,  Jain Education Institute, Excellent Pre-University College, Holy Rosary Pre-University College, Rotary, St. Thomas at Alangar , Mohammadiya, Little Star, M K Shetty, Al-Furkhan English Medium Schools. All these institutes have contributed to the educational fields at Moodabdiri.

Banks: SBI, SBM, Canara, Corporation, Syndicate, Bharath, Vijaya, IOB, Karnataka Bank, Bank of India, ICICI, HDFC, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda are some of the major banks and their annual business transaction is growth crores of rupees. UAE exchange is working in the city.  Moodabidri Co-operative Bank is having making business worth 360 crores annually transaction in the Marpady Town and Moodabdiri area limits.  It has made a profit worth 3 crores in the Co-operative area sector.  It is performing well amidst competitions from the nationalized banks.  It has a three storeyed building whereas the nationalized banks do not have one.  25% Dividend, felicitation to farmers, student scholarship and helping disabled have shown the co-operative banks social awareness.  Catholic Co-operative Bank, Ramakrishna Credit Co-operative Society, Mangala Credit Co-operative Society, Teachers Co-operative Bank, Vande Mataram, Souharda Sahakari Nigam, Bharath Souharda Sahakari Nigam, Vijaya Co-operative Bank are performing well in the banking sector.

Well established business: SKF Industrial Corporation that produces paddy boiling and drying machinery, Dhanalaxmi Cashew Export and many other cashew nut businesses. Abbas Design Doors well-known for artistically designed doors.  Sugama Tourist in the transportation , Pprakash Oil Mills, Balaji Refineries.  Alvas pharmacy in Ayurvedic field, bharath Parmacy etc. have made Moodabidri a famous city.

Hospitals: Government Hospital, Alva’s Hospital, Alva’s Ayurvedic hospital, G V Pai Hospital, Prabhu Hospital, Tuberculosis Hospital, Durga Maternity hospital, Janatha clinic, Mount Rosary hospital, beedi workers hospital are providing medical services to the people.

Important telephone numbers:

Municipal council         08258- 236236
Police station               08258- 236333
Fire service                  08258- 237021
Ambulance                  08258- 238104
Government hospital   08258- 236536
Tahsildar office            08258- 238104
Forest department       08258- 237585

The private investments are responsible for the growth of the city.  Government has not done much to develop the city.  If the infrastructural development by the government matched the growth and development it would have become a model city.

Top Politicians:   Mr. M Veerappa Moily who was the MLA currently the central minister for petroleum was born and brought up and educated at Marpady.  Mr. K Abhayachandra Jain who is currently the state minister for Fisheries and youth welfare was elected 4 times as MLA from this place.  The decent politician Mr K Amarnath Shetty was elected MLA.  He is a well known personality in Dakshina Kannada.  He has contributed much in the education field and an active person in social service even today.  Former MLA S D Dharma was one of the top persons because of whom Moodabidri taluk formation was possible.  He constructed schools and bridges in the rural area and is known for his good work.

Architect of modern Moodabidri:  Dr. M Mohan Alva, the reformer of Alva’s education foundation, is the architect of modern Moodabidri.  He was responsible for the new mode of development in the city. The support is not only for education but has been extended further to art and culture. The Alva’s Nudisiri, Alva’s Virasat, Alva’s Job Fair etc. have exposed the city to the modern world.

Attractions and Places to Visit

Thousand Pillared Basadi or Chandranatha Swamy Basadi (Jain Temple): Famous in Dakshina Kannada as Saavira Kambada Basadi or Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani Basadi. In English, the same is popular as Thousand Pillar Basadi. Thousand Pillar Basadi and the other basadis that are located in Moodbidri, were not erected by any of the rulers. A Jain by name Charukirti Battaraka was behind the construction of the Jain temple at Moodbidri. 
Thousand Pillar Basadi at Moodabidri
Thousand Pillar Basadi at Moodabidri
People residing in the area helped him. Vijayanagara kings were requested to provide land for the construction. The rulers were very generous. They always provided the much needed help to the people if it were for the religious purposes. In the year 1430 A.D, the rich merchants and Chowta Kings at Moodabidri, contributed to the construction of the granite temple. Charukirti Battaraka completed the construction and soon it became famous and was called Jain Kashi. It is well known for its magnificent art work and thousand pillars. Basadi faces the east and at the entrance door there is a monolithic pillar Manasthambha which is 15 metres tall. Chandranatha Swamy idol at the sanctum is a bronze idol 2.5 metres tall. Carvings within the temple are of Vijayanagara style. Library in a nearby Jain mutt has 12th and 13th century palm leaf manuscripts. To stay in Jain temple premises the contact telephone no. is 08258 236418.    

Kadalakere Nisargadhama (resort): Kadalakere Nisargadhama at Marpady village in Ontikatte is an attraction just two kilometers away from Moodabidri. It has a big lake spread across 17 acres and a Samskriti Grama (cultural village). Nisargadhama is visited by devotees who visit the Kodyadka Annapoorneshwari Temple located 4km away. It is frequently visited by tourists and has become a latest weekend getaway. Koti-Chennaya Jodukere Kambala (buffalo race) is conducted every year in the 10 acres land reserved for the purpose. Kambla season in Dakshina Kannada district is between the months of October and April. 

Other than water conservation the Kadalakere Nisargadhama Society has created a magnificent bird sanctuary for migrating birds to visit. Different species of trees are planted to maintain the greenery all around. There is an idea to establish Rathnakaravarni Centre near the Nisargadhama. There are both motor and pedal boats to enjoy boat rides in the lake. 

Mijar Shobhavan: The Mijar Shobhavan is a Precious herbal garden and a major centre of attraction.  It is famous for its Ayurvedic medicinal herbal plants.  That are connected with nine planets in Indian astrology (Navagraha). Treatment centers at the place provides both Ayurvedic and nature therapy.

Private Park for Butterflies at Belvai: Just 8km from the Jain town there is a beautiful park dedicated for the colorful butterflies. Sammilan Shetty aged 27 years who is residing at Shanthadi House has developed the private park. Kanthavara forest which lies between Moodabidri and Karkala is home to butterflies of more than a hundred species. Flowers and plants that support the thriving population of shutterbugs and butterflies are grown in this area which is spread across nearly seven and half acres. Sammilan's collection of rare butterflies has attracted the attention of the natives as well as people from across the state. Recent counting showed that there were 118 species. The Paris Peacock(Papilio Paris), Great Evening Brown (Melanitis Leda), Malabar Banded Peacock(Papilio Buddha), Western Centaur Oakblue (Arhopala Pseudocentaurus), Southern Birdwing (Troides Minos), Tamil Lacewing(Cethosia Nietneri), Autumn Leaf (Doleschallia Bisaltide), Clipper (Parthenos Sylvia), Red Spot Duke (Dophla Evelina), Large Oakblue (Arhopala Amantes), Tamil Oakblue (Arhopala Bazaloides), Tawny Rajah (Charaxes Bernardus), Banded Royal (Rachana Jalindra) etc. are some of the well known in the species collection. 

The other temples and Jain basadis at Moodabidri: Badaga basadi, Hire basadi, Shettara basadi, Betkeri basadi, Vikrama Shetti basadi, Koti basadi, Kallu basadi, Deramma Shetti basadi, Chola Shetti basadi, Maday Shetti basadi, Sri Mathada basadi, Baikanatikari basadi, Leppada basadi, Kere basadi, Padu basadi, Jaina Pathashaleya basadi etc. 

There are gorgeous imagery of Jain Tirthankaras, yaksha and yakshis sculpted in all the jain temples of Moodabidri. Manasthambha, a tall single stone pillar of height 15 metres stands in front of the basadi. Nagagaladevi, the queen and wife of Bhairava Raja, erected the Manastambha which is a huge monolith 50 foot tall just in front of the basadi. The Jain tombs and Nyaya basadi at Kodangallu found on the outskirts of Moodabidri are monuments of historical importance.

Hanuman Temple: Located at the heart of Moodabidri city, Sri Hanuman temple attracts people from in and around Moodabidri. Temple history belongs to Vijayanagara period. Not only the Hindus but people belonging to Muslim and Christian community offer the prayers at the temple. Lots of tender coconuts are offered to the Hanuman by devotees every day. Chowta kings had handed over the Statue of the lord to GSB community people.  Gowri temple that belongs to seventh century and 16th century Mooduvenupura Venkatramana Temple are the other temples in the region.  
Hanuman temple Moodabidri
Hanuman Temple Moodabdri
Hanuman Temple Timings,  Address and Phone no.: Main Road, Moodbidri (D.K.) - 574227. Tel: +91 99459 92699, 08258 239633, 08258 236633. Open from 6.30 A.M.- 1.00P.M. 6.00P.M. to 8.30 P.M.

Chowta’s Palace:  In the ancient times chowta kings ruled Moodabidri.  They were petty rulers who ruled under the Vijayanagar kings.  Palace was rare wooden sculpture andwas built using clay soil.  Chowta rulers reigned from the same palace and they had systematic administration facilities.  Currently it is maintained by the Archeological department. 

Soans Farm: It is located amidst the Moodabidri-Karkala national highway at a place near Bannadka.  It is famous for Pineapple agriculture.  It is also an agri-research centre.

Samaj Mandir: Samaj Mandir supports many social institutions and associations.  It provides space free to celebrate the Dasara cultural and literature festival since 60 years.

Konaje Kallu: Hikers like the Konaje Kallu rock which lies in between Moodabidri shirthady road.  There are 2 rocks but while seen from far it seems to be having only one rock. There is a Siddashram at Konaje Kallu. Crossing the hills and forest area for 2 km leads to Konaje.
Swaraj Maidan: It is about 27 acres and the biggest maidan (playground) in the district. It has been developed during the 71st All India Kannada Literature Meet. Plans have been made to develop it further to make it as a best sports complex.

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