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Train travel to Mangalore
History of Mangalore railway station dates back to early 20th century. Railway line connected to other cities of India, in the year 1907, during the British colonial rule. The railway station was then a starting point of India’s longest rail route. Today, the train travel to and from Mangaluru railway station has become more interesting with the presence of Western Ghats and tunnels. Traveling to the weekend getaway is becoming frequent after the addition of pilgrim centres like Gokarn, Murudeshwar etc. 
Many trains starting from the city connect Shoranur in Kerala and Coimbatore in Tamil nadu. Formerly, there was a metre gauge track constructed that went through the Western Ghats in the east, connecting Mangalore and Hassan. The broad gauge track connecting Mangalore with Bangalore via Hassan was opened to rail traffic since May 2006. Distance to the airport is just 16km from the station.

Mangalore is connected to the metro city, Chennai through the Southern railway. Both express and superfast trains connect to major cities of India. Konkan railway came into existence in 1998. It connects Mangalore to Mumbai via Madgaon in Goa. Train travel from Bangalore to Mangalore via Mysore takes nearly 13 hours. The distance covered is 454km. The rail connectivity by Konkan railway is a dream come true for Mangaloreans as the travel time to reach northern city has been reduced considerably.

Mangalore Railway Station Code – MAQ is the central railway station code. The central railway station is located in the middle of the city.

Passenger amenities in the station includes a computerized reservation office, waiting room, retiring room or dormitories, drinking water facility, a cloak room, book stall, tea stall, refreshment room ( both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and telephone booth. Wheel chairs and stretchers are available too.

Mangalore Central Railway Station  Address and Contact no.: Old Kent road, Hampankatta, Mangalore-1. Tel. +91 824 424 002.

For arrival and departure enquiry at the station -131.

Reservation enquiry in English -1361, in Hindi -1362 and in Kannada -1363.

Mangalore Junction Railway Station Code – MAJN is the Mangalore junction railway station code. Mangalore junction is also known as Kankanady railway station located 5km east on the outskirts of the city. Passengers have to start at least 45 minutes – 1 hour earlier to reach the station as the traffic is too much.

Mangalore Junction or Kankanady Railway Station – Address and Contact no.: 1st cross road, Shantinagar, Padil, Mangalore-7. Tel: +91 824 243 7824.

There are taxis and auto-rickshaws available for comfortable travel. There are several hotels nearby which offer accommodation facilities at a reasonable rate. 

Surathkal Railway Station Code SL. 
Surathkal Railway Station  Address and Contact no.Kadambodi, Surathkal, 
Mangalore - 574 014. Tel: +91 824 247 5938.

Mangalore Junction (Kankanady) Railway Station to Surathkal Railway Station distance is 20km and takes 30 minutes to reach by road.Mangalore Airport to Surathkal Railway Station distance is 19km and takes 25 minutes to reach by road. Mangalore city to Surathkal Railway Station distance is 14km and takes 20 minutes to reach by road.

Note: Railway Timings may change any time without notice. So always inquire before buying tickets.

Trains from Mangalore Central -

Train No.16649 - Mangalore Central - Nagercoil Junction - Parashuram Express (Everyday at 5.00 A.M.)

Train No.56654 - Mangalore Central - Kozhikode Main - Passenger (Unreserved) (Everyday at 5.20 A.M.)

Train No.56640 - Mangalore Central - Madgaon Junction - Passenger (Everyday at 5.50 A.M.)

Train No.56643 - Mangalore Central - Kabaka Puttur - Passenger(Unreserved) (Everyday at 6.00 A.M.)

Train No.16860 - Mangalore Central - Chennai Egmore - Express (Everyday at 6.50 A.M.)

Train No.16605 - Mangalore Central - Nagercoil Junction - Ernad Express (Everyday at 7.20 A.M.)

Train No.56324 - Mangalore Central - Coimbatore Main Junction - Fast Passenger (UnReserved) (Everyday at 7.40 A.M.)

Train No.22636 - Mangalore Central - Madgaon Junction - Intercity Express (Everyday at 8.15 A.M.)

Train No.16517 - Mangalore Central - Kannur Main (Comes from Bangalore City via Mysore - Kannur Express) (Everyday at 8.35 A.M.)

Train No.16523 - Mangalore Central - Karwar (Comes from Bangalore City via Mysore - Karwar Express) (Everyday at 8.35 A.M.)

Train No.56647 - Mangalore Central - Subrahmanya Road - Passenger (Unreserved) (Everyday at 10.15 A.M.)

Train No.22609 - Mangalore Central - Coimbatore Main Junction - Intercity Express (Everyday at 11.45 A.M.)

Train No.12602 - Mangalore Central - Chennai Central - SF Mail (Everyday at 1.20 P.M.)

Train No.16348 - Mangalore Central - Trivandrum Central - Express (Everyday at 2.20 P.M.)

Train No.12620 - Mangalore Central - Mumbai Lokamanya Tilak Terminus - Matsyagandha Express (Everyday at 2.35 P.M.)

Train No.70106 - Mangalore Central - Madgaon Junction - DEMU (Everyday at 2.55 P.M.)

Train No.12686 - Mangalore Central - Chennai Central - Super Fast Express (Everyday at 4.20 P.M.)

Train No.56656 - Mangalore Central - Kannur Main - Passenger(Unreserved) (Everyday at 4.35 P.M.)

Train No.16858 - Mangalore Central - Puducherry - Weekly Express (Every Sunday at 4.50 P.M.)

Train No.16687 - Mangalore Central - Jammu Tawi - Navyug Express (Every Monday at 4.50 P.M.)

Train No.16856 - Mangalore Central - Puducherry - Weekly Express (Via Salem) (Every Friday at 4.50 P.M.)

Train No.16603 - Mangalore Central - Trivandrum Central - Maveli Express (Everyday at 5.45 P.M.)

Train No.16630 - Mangalore Central - Trivandrum Central - Malabar Express (Everyday at 6.20 P.M.)

Train No.56645 - Mangalore Central - Kabaka Puttur - Passenger(Unreserved) (Everyday at 6.25 P.M.)

Train No.16566 - Mangalore Central - Yeshwantpur Junction - Express (Every Monday at 8.00 P.M.)

Train No.17605 - Mangalore Central - Hyderabad Kacheguda - Biweekly Express (Every Wednesday and Saturday at 8.00 P.M.)

Train No.16518 - Mangalore Central - Bangalore City Junction (Comes from Kannur and then reaches Bangalore City Via Mysore)- Express (Everyday at 8.55 P.M.)

Train No.16524 - Mangalore Central - Bangalore City Junction (Comes from Karwar and then reaches Bangalore City Via Mysore)- Express (Everyday at 8.55 P.M.)

Train No.22638 - Mangalore Central - Chennai Central - Westcoast SF Express (Everyday at 10.20 P.M.)

Train No.22852 - Mangalore Central - Kolkata Santragachi Junction - Vivek Express (Every Saturday at 11 P.M.)

For Passenger reservation enquiry - 

To travel by train to the nearby cities in Kerala and Karnataka becomes less expensive when compared to the bus fares. But getting adjusted to the timings is also very important. 

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